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Mats Gustafsson, Professor

My research interests are in scattering theory, antenna theory, electromagnetic modeling, and inverse scattering and imaging with applications in non-destructive testing, digital holography, and microwave tomography.

Some presentations:



antennabounds extinctioncross section digital holography
 inverse scattering  decay in living trees  


Antenna theory


My interests in antenna theory are on modeling, physical bounds, and understanding of single port as well as MIMO and UWB antennas, see the projects physical bounds in antenna theory and MIMO antennas and channels. Physical bounds on D/Q and Q are computed by AntennaQ.m

Scattering theory

shadow scattering

My research in scattering theory is focused on modeling and understanding of electromagnetic scattering. It involves physical bounds on scatterers, such as metamaterials, shadow scattering (or the extinction paradox), and extraordinary transmission through sub wavelengths apertures.

Project: physical bounds in electromagnetic theory.

Digital holography

DH setup

See the project digital holographic imaging and the company Phase holographic imaging AB.

Inverse scattering

eps mu sigma

My research in inverse scattering is focused on time domain algorithms, resolution analysis, and to analyze the information content in inverse scattering data, see the project on microwave tomography.

Nondestructive detection of decay in living trees

decay in tree