CAD Tools

These pages describe the various CAD tools available at the department, how
they are started and the design kits that can be used. Some pages might not be
accessible from outside of the department due to non-disclosure-agreements with the manufacturer.

The instructions will be limited to the versions running on Unix-platforms, hence
some knowledge of Unix is highly recommended.

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Fabrication Schedule and Planned Designs

                        Latest Design Kits                       

    Cadence                             UMC 130nm  
UMC 90nm

    Mentor                              Faraday       

      Agilent                                              STMicroelectronics 65nm


    Synplicity                          STMicroelectronics 65nm SOI


Old Design Kits:  IBM 90n     agere     Chartered     UMC_VST

                                    Peregrine Semiconductor     Infineon     AMS_C35     AMIS 

Disk Quota: What to do when the available quota runs out.

Design Fabrication  When and how to submit designs for fabrication.

Responsible for these pages is Stefan Molund;  e-mail .