Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


EITG05 Digital Communications, 2019/2020

Two lectures are given per week on

Mondays,   10.15 - 12.00 in DC-Stora hörsalen (exception: E:1406 on Sep 9)
Thursdays, 10.15 - 12.00 in E:B

Teacher: Michael Lentmaier, E:2375 

The lecture slides will be uploaded regularly during the course, and announced in the Messages section.

Note: some files can only be accessed from a university computer (or via VPN) without password 

An online schedule for all lectures, exercises, labs and the exam can be found here.


Course outline: (preliminary version, may slightly change during the course)

Lecture  Topic  Compendium Slides 

36 Mon, Sep 2  Course information     Info
  Introduction, Overview, Basic concepts  
pages 1-32  Lec1

Thu, Sep 5 Signal constellations,  p. 31-55  Lec2 

37 Mon, Sep 9 Bandwidth of the transmitted signal,     p. 61-72, 77-88  Lec3
Room E:1406  Fourier transform, R(f) M-ary and binary, Bandwidth   

Thu, Sep 12 Bandwidth of the transmitted signal,  p. 88-102  Lec4
  R(f) for PAM, QAM, OFDM and FSK signals    

38 Mon, Sep 16  Receivers in digital communication systems,   p. 227-255  Lec5
  Basic concepts, Minimum Euclidean distance receiver    
  Matched filter receiver, Performance binary signaling    
  No Thursday lecture because of first laboratory    

39 Mon, Sep 23   Receivers continued: System design criteria, p. 254-286  Lec6
  Performance for M-ary signaling   

Thu, Sep 26 Receivers continued:  p. 329-331,     Lec7
  Geometric representation, Capacity,  360-366, 369,    
  Multiuser receiver, Non-coherent receiver 395-396, 400-403    

40 Mon, Sep 30 Carrier modulation techniques,    p. 117-136,  Lec8
  Bandpass signals, digital and analog modulation

Thu, Oct 3 Carrier modulation techniques continued,  p. 167-189, 160,   Lec9
  N-ray channel model, noise, Receivers for 287-293  
   bandpass signals, Filtered channel receiver (not 3.5.1-3.5.2)   

41 Mon, Oct 7 Carrier modulation techniques continued,     p. 201-205    Lec10
  Equivalent baseband model, Compact description    
   Intersymbol interference,   p. 435-446    
  ISI, Increasing the signaling rate    

Thu, Oct 10 Intersymbol interference,   p. 446-459   Lec11
  Nyquist condition, Spectral raised cosine, Equalizers     

42 Mon, Oct 14 Course summary and outlook       Lec12
   No Thursday lecture because of second laboratory