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EITF65 Digitalteknik, 2019/2020

Aug 2020 exam will be executed similarly to the April exam. Minor modifications will apply to the text below and will be posted here later.

NOTE: There are prerecorded videos for all lectures, which will be used for the fall 2020 edition of the course. If you want to watch them as part of studying for the Aug 2020 exam, send an email to Martin and I will give you access to them. In return, I would appreciate any feedback or errors that can be fixed before the course starts.


Tentan den 2020-04-23 är nu tillgänglig tenta200423.pdf!

  • 2020-04-23: Databladet ovan är fel. Använd detta  datablad.pdf!


April 2020 exam will be implemented in the following way:

The exam will be given as a take-home exam. The format of the exam will be similar to previous exams, i.e., 5 problems that give 10 points each.

It will be posted at 10.00 online and you will hand it in physically at the department the next day before 12 (noon). Don't forget your LU card, the doors are locked. For those unable to hand it in physically, it is possible to scan it and mail it before the deadline. In that case you must send the original through regular mail. Address will be given on the exam sheet. Make sure that you have access to scanner. There are scanners for smart phones that you can use.

The grading will be slightly modified from the one otherwise used (below). It will be 25/35/45.

If you get at least 45 points, then you will need to complete an additional oral examination in order to get grade 5. Otherwise, the grade will be 4.

You will not be allowed to get help from other people, including asking questions online at forums and such. You will however be allowed to use any other already published material.

More specific details are given on the first page of the exam.


Standard exam:

The grades are: 

  • 0-19: Do not pass
  • 20-29: Grade 3
  • 30-39: Grade 4
  • 40-50: Grade 5

You are allowed to use the course book and the lecture notes (the slides and notes from lectures, see Lectures) on the exam. A calculator is also allowed (Ti-80 - Ti-84 and similar are ok). You own brief notes in the course book is allowed. 

What is not allowed is e.g. old exams and solutions to these, lab manual, solutions manual för exercises, your own (or someone else's) notes on separate sheets of paper and any material created by someone outside LTH.


Old exams with solutions

Nov 2019: nov19.pdf nov19los.pdf

Okt 2018: okt18.pdf okt18los.pdf

Jan 2018: jan18.pdf jan18los.pdf

Jan 2017: jan17.pdf jan17los.pdf

Jan 2016: jan16.pdf jan16los.pdf

Jan 2015: jan15.pdf jan15los.pdf

Dec 2013: Dec13.pdf Dec13los.pdf

Dec 2012: Dec12.pdf Dec12_los.pdf (wrong answer on 1c)

Aug 2012: Aug12.pdf Aug12los.pdf  

April 2012: April12.pdf April12los.pdf 

Dec 2011: Dec11.pdf Dec11_los.pdf

Dec 2010: Dec10.pdf Dec10Sol.pdf

Aug 2010: Aug10.pdf Aug10_los.pdf

April 2010: April10.pdf April10_los.pdf

Dec 2009: Dec09.pdf Dec09_los.pdf 

Aug 2009: Aug09.pdf Aug09_los.pdf

 April 2009: Apri09.pdf April09_losn.pdf


Some exams without solutions

Aug 2013:  Aug13.pdf (lösningar saknas)

April 2013:  April13.pdf (lösningar saknas)

Aug 2011: Aug11.pdf (lösningar saknas)

April 2011: April11.pdf (lösningar saknas)