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ETT051 Digital kommunikation, 2015/2016

Here you find examples of previous exams.

An exam consists of 5 problems. A correct solution to a problem gives 10 points.

0-19 points: Not passed the exam.

20-29 points: Grade 3.

30-39 points: Grade 4.

40-50 points: Grade 5.

Note that the exams below are examples and that the complete content of the course is defined in the Course Programme.


2014: October Exam and Answers.

2013: October Exam and Answers.  

2012: October Exam and Answers.

2011: October Exam and Answers

2010: October Exam and Answers.

2009: October Exam  and Answers

2008: October Exam and Answers.

2007: October Exam and Answers

2006: October Exam and Answers

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