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ETIN45 DSP-design




There is one seminar each week (no seminar 1st week). 

There are two sets of problems for each seminar session:

1- The seminar exercises, which can be downloaded from here! Solutions to these problems can be downloaded below after the seminar each week.

2- Additional exercises can be downloaded from here!. The corresponding solutions will be uploaded every week and you can download it from here.

Week  When  Room Problems   Solutions
 1      No seminar   
 2  Fri 13-15   E:3139  1-11   Solutions, LPM MATLAB
 3     E:4116  No seminar  
 4  Mon 13-15   E:4116  12-16 + additional  Solutions
 5  Mon 13-15
 Fri 10-12 

 25-27 + additional

 6  Fri 10-12   E:3139  28-31 + additional  Solutions
 7  Fri 10-12   E:3139  32-35 + additional  Solutions