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EITF35 Introduction to Structured VLSI Design, 2019/2020

A complete schedule for EITF35 is here.

Each group will have three lab sessions per week (TA support).The labs will take place in E-4121. The lab will start in the 2nd week.

You need to sign up for the lab to get access to the 4th floor.

The lectures are scheduled as following (with link to slides)

Slides will be uploaded the latest one day before lecture. 

Course schedule is preliminary.

week 36 (Sept. 2):

Monday: Course_Intro

Tuesday: DVLSI_Intro

Friday: FPGA_Intro

week 37:

Monday: FSMVHDL1 

Tuesday: CombinationalVHDL2

week 38:

Monday: Sequential

Tuesday: Liesbet (FD-SOI

week 39:


Tuesday: VHDL4 , 

week 40:

Monday: Vivado2Coding Style, IP&ILA, (Advanced)

Tuesday: DFT

Week 41:



Week 42:

No lecture


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