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Reexam April 20, 2020.


The reexam will be a take home exam with maximum grade 3. For higher grades, the take home exam needs to be supplemented with an oral exam. The exam will be posted at this page 08.00 on Thursday (April 20). You need to send your solutions (e.g. as photos taken by a phone) to me (  via email no later than 1700 the same day.


Link to the exam (opens 0800 on April 20)



If you wish to have an oral exam, then say so in the email, and then we plan them via email accordingly. The oral exams will take place in the week starting with April 27. On the oral exam we will discuss concepts from the book, as well as the problems at the take home exam.




Friday January 10:

E:3139, 10-12: Solving exam. 13-15: Questions, summary, etc

Thursday December 19, Project presentations, 10-12 (during the exercise class)



Final lecture is in E:3139, 10.15-12.00, Friday December 13.

Link to project presentation organization 


Doodle link to plan project meetings. Book one time slot/group