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EITN50 Avancerad datasäkerhet, 2019/2020

PThere will be five small projects and five short tests in this course. The projects are mandatory .

  1. Instructions
  2. Grouping and clustering of students
  3. Project assignments
  4. Project results
  5. Project assistance 

1 Instructions:


Four projects require that you submit a report and the remaining one is covered by a Moodle quiz. You should submit the reports electronically in pdf format and use the subject "EITN50" in the email that contains the report. Name the file adsecxy_pojectN.pdf (xy=your group number and N=index (A,B,..) of project) and send it to ben.smeets.lu@analys.urkund.se.

Grading of the project reports will result in ‘U’, or  ‘Pass’, for the A and B parts of the projects. The presentation should be detailed enough for others to repeat(read verify) what you did. Sloppy reports are not accepted.

A summary of what you shall think about when writing a report is found here: The Making of a Report

If your report needs corrections you will be notified and the report receives a "U" mark in the result list. You are supposed to correct then your report.

Finally, the reports will be screened using "Urkund" for plagiarism (se:http://www.urkund.se/SE/om_urkund.asp).

Deadlines for the projects will be set as the course proceeds: consult Project assignments 

IMPORTANT: Required additions/updates to the (any!) reports should be handed in latest 21/10 except report for last project for which the date is 27/10.

2 Grouping and Clustering

On the first lecture the group list will be passed around. Each group should enter their names on this list OR send an email to Ben stating which people are in the group. A group should be two persons.

Username to login is your usual identity for loggin in on LTH machines. 

Project work space (noted as lab in TimeEdit) is available according to the schedule in TimeEdit  and will use the rooms E:4116, E:4118 at the 4th floor of the E-building.  Access via students access cards (requires that you are registered to the course so we can give you access). 

NOTE 1. In TimeEdit the labspace is entered as "labb" or "Project" but this is just to reserve the computers for the course.

NOTE 2. To access to the lab space is automatically activated 24 hours after we have been able to register tou on the course. This requires that you a) register to the course latest at the first lesson, AND b) have registered for the reading period (terminsregistrerad).

3 Project Assignments

Required additions/updates to the reports (thus for all projects) should be handed in latest Oct 21 except for last project for which the date is 27/10 . Submit reports (pdf format) to ben.smeets.lu@analys.urkund.se

Name the report in the following way "adsec##_projectN" N= index of project

Again, please read The Making of a Report before submitting. If anything is unclear during the projects or if you are unsure how to document the projects, please ask.

If you find errors in the manuals, refer to the course GitHub page and create an issue.



Release date

Planned Content

Project name & link to the assignment

(at 23.59)

Last update date
 A 5/9 Data forensics: finding data on a disc image Forensics quiz 21/10  
 B  5/9 Object Security OBJsec first report 29/9  
 C  24/9 TPM TPM first report 6/10   
 D - Anatomy of an Exploit Exploit first report 21/10 
 E  - Trusted Camera TrustedCamera





4 Project Results

Will be published here


5 Project Assistance

Jonathan Sönnerup answers any questions regarding the projects during the following hours, please respect this. Outside of these hours, he is available by e-mail.

Note that the times may change.

Office hours this week will be:

  • Friday 10-12

You'll find me in my office, 3116c.

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