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Lunds Tekniska Högskola | Lunds universitet

EITG05 Digital kommunikation



This course contains two mandatory laboratory lessons of 2 hours each.

The aim of these labs is to clarify properties and performance of digital communication methods.  


  • You apply to the lab from this home page, see Sign up
  • All Home Problems in the laboratory manuals (found below) should be solved at home before the lab starts. This will be checked in the beginning of the lab
  • You must bring a printed copy of the lab-manual to the lab
  • You must bring your LTH:s student ID badge to the lab
  • Students log on into the STUDENT domain on the LAB computers in E:4115 / E:4118 / E:4119, and use their own LU student account
  • In case of any problems: contact Muhammad Umar Farooq or Michael Lentmaier

The lab-manual is found here: EITG05_LabManual2019Ht1Part1.pdf  EITG05_LabManual2019HT1Part2.pdf

Please be prepared and read through the complete manual carefully before the lab, so that you can use the 2 hour time efficiently