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EITA25 Datasäkerhet, 2018/2019

There are 3 laboratory lessons. These aim to let you try out some programs related to computer security and to let you examine how security is implemented in two different operating systems.

The laboratories will take place study weeks 4, 5 and 7 (not calendar weeks).

If you have missed a lab, there will be an extra lab session where you can finish any remaining lab. This session will take place Thursday 14 March 2019, 13:15 - 17:00 in E:2429. If you wish to attend this lab, e-mail Linus and state which lab you wish to do.


  • All preparatory assignments must be completed. Write answers to all questions that require such on paper, you will have to show your answers (individually, not as a group) to be allowed to do the laboratory. If you show up without answers, you are welcome some other time. If you get stuck on a specific problem, you will have to convince us that you tried, or even better, ask Linus for help beforehand!
  • It is also possible that there will be a quiz to check that you are prepared.
  • No lab reports. When you are done with the lab you are also approved. Just make sure that you have written down your token before you leave.
  • You may contact Linus if you have any questions regarding the laboratory lessions or the preparatory assignments.
  • Location for labs is E:2429 Sibirien (Northeast corner of the second floor).
  • You should sign up for each lab session indivdually on the sign up page.
  • IMPORTANT! The lab computers are completely shielded from the internet. As a consequence, any information you believe will be needed during the lab has to be written down/printed out beforehand. Study the questions in the lab manuals, consider what you will need to be able to solve them, and make sure you bring that information with you. Alternatively, if you trust the stability of eduroam, you may bring your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Bringing your own electronic device is not, however, an excuse to come unprepared.


Laboratory 1 - Windows 

Lab 1 instructions (A4) (A4-format, suitable for printing, or larger screens)
Lab 1 instructions (A5) (A5-format, suitable for Kindles, smartphones, or smaller screens)


Laboratory 2 - Linux

Lab 2 instructions (A4) (A4-format, suitable for printing or larger screens)
Lab 2 instructions (A5) (A5-format, suitable for Kindles, smartphones, or smaller screens)

The files required for the preparatory assignments: kit2019.tar.gz. Since the lab is about Unix-like systems in general, and Linux in particular, I strongly recommend that you do the lab preparations on a computer running Linux, for example the computer labs in the E-building. Mac OS X may work, but be aware that there are differences, for example regarding signals. I do not recommend spending time getting the sources to compile on Windows.

Since this lab requires some C programming, and many students have not done that before, we have scheduled some time when you can ask questions about the preparatory part. For you to get the most out of these sessions, you should try and solve the problems yourselves first, so that you know what to ask at the actual session.

Friday 2019-02-15 12:00-13:00, in E:2429
Monday 2019-02-18 12:30-13:00, in E:2429

You may also e-mail Linus if you have questions about the preparatory assignments.

If you don't feel confident in using the Linux command-line, you should study (and perhaps bring) the booklet from the UNIX introduction of the first year (Datorstugehäftet). A PDF version can be found at DDG's website. 


Laboratory 3 - Network  

Lab 3 instructions (A4) (A4-format, suitable for printing or larger screens)
Lab 3 instructions (A5) (A5-format, suitable for Kindles, smartphones, or smaller screens)