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Research at EIT

The Department of EIT conducts high-quality research in a variety of areas in electrical engineering and computer science, ranging from pure theoretical research to applied projects in close collaboration with industry. It is at the forefront of international research in most of its areas.

The Department of EIT consists of about 100 people active in research, divided in seven research laboratories: Broadband Communications; Communications Engineering; Electromagnetic Theory; Integrated Electronic Systems; Nano Electronics; Networks and Security; Signal processing. Each lab consists of one or several research groups. Across the different research groups, the department is also heading several excellence centers.

The Department of EIT is the major academic platform for local Swedish industry in the telecommunications area. A lot of the academic research conducted at EIT finds its way to standards and actual products produced by companies like Ericsson. Many graduates from EIT have reached key positions in major Swedish companies.

Reading more on EIT's research you may find the answers to questions like "Who invented Bluetooth?" or "How can your mobile phone save you in an avalanche disaster?"


  Research Labs at EIT
 Broadband Communication Integrated electronics  Communication 
 Networks and Security  Signal processing   Electromagnetic Theory 


  Research Centers at EIT
 ELLIIT - Excellence Center at Linköping - Lund in Information Technology
 HsWC - SSF Center for High Speed Wireless Communication
 LCCC - Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems
 NRC - Neuronano Research Center
 SoS - VINNOVA Industrial Excellence Center - System Design on Silicon


  EIT around the World
The markers shows where EIT PhD's are active today (blue=industry, green=university).