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ETTN05 Adaptiv signalbehandling, 2013/2014


131125 - Additional lecture notes are here.  

131119 - The home assignment/project starts now. Data and scripts from computer exercises can be found here. In some cases, you can use code from the computer exercises.

131118 - All matlab code to the compueter exercises is now available on the Exercise page. 

131118 - Please sign in to the laborations as soon as possible. If login problems remain, send me an email of which times you prefer. 

131114 - The book is now available at Akadademibokhandeln at AF borgen for 589 SEK.

131111 - Scripts for computer exercise 2

131111 - Sign-up lists for laborations are available (see navigation to the left).

131111 - Akademibokhandeln told me that the book was delayed until this week. I will write here when it is available.

131105 - Computer exercises Nov 7 and 8 are moved to monday Nov 11 at 15.15-17 in the same room E:4115. 

131101 - The course book will be available to a good price in the bookstore Akademibokhandeln at AF-borgen, Lund City. 

131002 - The homepage is updated for HT 2013.


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