Elektro- och informationsteknik

Lunds Tekniska Högskola | Lunds universitet

This course treats the propagation of electromagnetic waves in linear continuous media.This is an extremely rich subject, which covers applications in wireless and fiber-optic communications, information technology, and materials science.

You will learn how to describe and analyze electromagnetic waves in general bianisotropic linear materials, including effects of temporal dispersion (frequency dependent materials), and inhomogeneous media, particularly periodic and multilayer structures. After completing the course, you are ready to read, understand, and to some extent criticize scientific papers at the research front.

The first lecture is given on Monday August 29, at 13.15 in E:2517. At this lecture, the overall course structure and content is presented. We also start with some of the basic concepts of electromagnetic theory, in particular with respect to modeling of materials.

The home page for last year's course (2015) is here.