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Mats Gustafsson, Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Education and degrees

  • Docent in Electromagnetic Theory, Lund University, Sweden, 2005.
  • Ph.D. in Engineering, Electromagnetic Theory, Lund University, 2000.
  • Licentiate in Engineering, Electromagnetic Theory, Lund University, 1998.
  • Master of Science in Engineering Physics, Lund University,1994.

University positions

  • Professor at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University, Sweden, 2011-.
  • Associate professor at the Department of Electroscience and the Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University, Sweden, 2002-2011.
  • Assistant professor at the Department of Electroscience, Lund University, Sweden, 2000-2002.
  • Doctoral student at the Department of Electromagnetic Theory and the Department of Electroscience, Lund University, Sweden, 1994-2000.

Honors and awards


list of publications, Google Scholar profile, ResearcherID F-7742-2010, and orcid.org/0000-0003-4362-5716

Supervision of graduate students

Faculty opponent for PhD and Licentiate theses

  • Jari-Matti Hannula, Advances in the Analysis and Design of Electrically Small Antennas, Aalto University, Finland, 2018.
  • Emadeldeen Hassan, Topology Optimization of  Antennas and Waveguide Transitions, PhD thesis, Umeå University, 2015.
  • Oscar Borries, Algorithms for Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis of Electrically Large Structures, PhD thesis, DTU, Denmark, 2015.
  • Miloslav Capek, Modal Analysis and Optimization of Radiating Planar Structures, PhD thesis, Czech Technical University, Prague, 2014.
  • Aidin Razavi, Optimal Near-field Antenna Apertures in Lossy Media, Licentiate thesis, Chalmers, 2014.
  • Troels Vejle Hansen, Miniaturization of Spherical Magnetodielectric Antennas, PhD thesis, DTU, Denmark, 2013.
  • Oskar Talcoth, Electromagnetic Modeling and Design of Medical Implants and Devices, Licentiate thesis, Chalmers, 2011.
  • Oscar Borries, Regularization Methods for Computation of Equivalent Sources, MSc thesis, DTU, Denmark, 2011.
  • Tommy Hult, Novel Applications of Space Time Processing for Wireless Systems, Licentiate thesis, BTH, 2006.
  • Parham Hashemzadeh, Experimental Investigation of an Optimization Approach to Microwave Tomography, Licentiate thesis, Chalmers, 2005.
  • Erik Abenius, Direct and Inverse Methods for Waveguides and Scattering problems in the time domain, PhD thesis, Uppsala University, 2005.
  • Disela Uduwawala, Analysis of Resistor-Loaded Bow-Tie Antennas for Ground Penetrating Radar Applications, Licentiate thesis, KTH, 2004.

Member of evaluation committees for PhD theses

  • Per-Ivar Olsson, Advancements in acquisition, processing and modelling of time-domain induced polarization tomography, LU, 2018.
  • Kexin Liu, Theoretical Investigation on Propagation and Coupling of Nonreciprocal Electromagnetic Surface Waves, KTH, 2016.
  • Viktor Nikitin, Fast Radon Transforms and Reconstruction Techniques in Seismology, LU, 2016.
  • Juhani Kataja, Reliable and efficient numerical methods for time harmonic electromagnetic design problems, Aalto U., Finland, 2014 (pre-examination).
  • Nima Jamaly, Multiport Antenna Systems for Space-Time Wireless Communications, Chalmers, 2013.
  • Shuai Zhang, Investigating and Enhancing Performance of Multiple Antenna Systems in Compact MIMO/Diversity Terminals, KTH, 2013.
  • Hui Li, Decoupling and Evaluation of Multiple Antenna Systems in Compact MIMO Terminals, KTH, 2012.
  • Mattias Borg, Antimonide Heterostructure Nanowires - Growth, Physics and Devices, LU, 2012.
  • Erik Alerstam, Optical Spectroscopy of Turbid Media: Time-Domain Measurements and Accelerated Monte Carlo Modelling, LU, 2011.
  • Ruiyuan Tian, Design and Evaluation of Compact Multi-antennas for Efficient MIMO Communications, LU, 2011 (reserve member).
  • Pu Zhan, Theory of transformation optics and invisibility cloak designs, KTH, 2011.
  • Markus Johansson, Phase Retrieval Methods for Electromagnetic Source Modeling, Chalmers, 2011.
  • David Degerfeldt, A hybrid finite element method for electromagnetics with applications in time-domain, Chalmers, 2007.
  • Rudolf Kopecky, Dosimetry of Local Radio Frequency Exposure, Chalmers, 2006.

Grant-proposal reviewer

  • Academy of Finland, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, 2015.
  • Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), Flanders, 2014.
  • National Science Centre, Poland, 2014.
  • National Fund for Scientific Research (FWO), 2014, 2015, 2016.

Assessment committee

  • Uppsala University, 2014.
  • Chalmers, 2006, 2014
  • DTU, Denmark, 2006, 2012

Visiting scientist

International long-term visits to:

Conference organization

Referee in international scientific journals

IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transaction on wireless communication, IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, Inverse Problems, Wave motion, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Optics letters, Applied optics, Radio science, Radio Science Bulletin, Proc. Royal Society A, Physica Scripta, Tree Physiology, Progress on Electromagnetics Research, Journal of Tropical Forest Science, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters.

Industrial and Entrepreneurial experience

  • Part-time scientist at Ericsson research in Gothenburg, 2013-2014.
  • Co-founder of the company Phase Holographic Imaging, PHI AB, in 2004. Member of the board 2004-2011.
  • Chef, Sara Hotels, Åre, Sweden, December 1989–April 1990.
  • Engineer, Karlskrona Kommun, Sweden, June 1988–January 1989

Teaching experience

Course coordinator and lecturer

  • Antenna Technology (ETE100,ETEN10), 2009-2019.
  • Electromagnetics and Electronics (ETE115,EITF90), 2009, 2013, 2014, 2017-20.
  • Computational Electromagnetics (ETI260), 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008.
  • Electronics for E1 (ESS010), 2005, 2007 (lecturer).
  • Electronics for F2, (ETE022), 2004, 2006, 2008.
  • Circuits and Circuit Theory (for E1), 2000.
  • Circuit Theory (for F1), 2000-2002.

Teaching assistant

  • Electromagnetic Fields (I and II), 1997, 1999.
  • Circuits and Circuit Theory, 1999.
  • Circuit Theory, 1995, 1997.
  • Calculus in several variables, 1994.
  • One variable calculus (I and II), 1992, 1993.
  • Computer Programming, 1991, 1992

Supervised Master's theses

  • Madeleine Kildal Schilliger, Detection of traumatic epidural and subdural haematomas in brain phantoms using microwave technology with Medfield Diagnostics, 2013 (examiner)
  • Jin Liu, Ultrawideband antennas for material measurements, 2013.
  • Andreas Ericsson, Self-supported hat-fed reflector antenna, with Ticra in Danmark, 2013.
  • Doruk Tayli, Design and Implementation of a D-Band Quasi-Optical Permittivity Measurement System, with Sony in Germany, 2012.
  • Farhad Shokraneh, Scattering of optical antennas, 2012
  • Paramananda Joshi, Assessment of realistic output power levels for LTE devices, with Ericsson Research, 2012. (examiner)
  • Rashedul Hoque and Asfandyar Khattak, 60 GHz UWB antenna design with low pulse distortion, 2012.
  • Davor Lovric, Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Polarizability Dyadics, 2011.
  • Iman Vakili, Metamaterial forward scattering measurements in a waveguide, 2011.   
  • Karol Krakowiak and Garsivaz Rafieian, Experimental investigation of physical bounds on linearly polarized antennas, 2011.   
  • Mladen Milutinovic, Dual Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antennas, with Ericsson Research, 2010. (examiner)
  • Said Abushamleh, Verification of Impedance Relations for Antennas using experiment and theory, 2009.  
  • Christina Cullin, Characterization of GPS Antenna Performance in the Mobile Phone, with Sony Ericsson, 2009. 
  • Henrik Ramberg, Investigation of the High Dielectric Feed (HDF) Antenna, with Perlos, 2008.    
  • Dan Jensen, A general algorithm for simulating the electrical arc in a circuit breaker using finite volume mesh, with ABB Corporate Research in Switzerland, 2007.   
  • Andreas Claesson, Electromagnetic simulations of large antenna arrays using the Multi-Level Fast Multipole Algorithm, with Ericsson, 2006.  
  • Martin Gråberg, Reduction of monostatic RCS for Stealth Antennas, 2006.  
  • Maria Lindbäck, Optimisation of aircraft transfer function measurements, with Airbus-France, 2004. 
  • António Pedro Pontes Rebelo, Design of Frequency Selective Windows for Improved Indoor Outdoor Communication, 2004.
  • Dario Ottaiano, Broadband wire antennas, 2004.   
  • Peter Orban, Ickeförstörande detektion av röta i levande träd med hjälp av resistivitetsmätningar, 2003.
  • Kristin Persson, Near Field to Equivalent Currents Transformation, 2002.
  • Khadang Azimi and Mohammad Serishi, Effective electromagnetic material models determined using inverse scattering, 2002.
  • José Victor Rodriguez Rodriguez, Radiowave Propagation through Window Panes and Reinforced Concrete Structures-An application of Frequency Selective Surface techniques, 2001.
  • Bo-Göran Wallner, Light propagation in blood - A Bremmer series approach, 2000.