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Daniel Sjöberg, Prefekt

On this page I collect some material in addition to my publications I wish to make available. It currently consists of small computer programs which can be useful to illustrate the results of our research.

In order to run the programs below, you need python, wxpython, matplotlib, and numpy installed on your system (they were developed on an Ubuntu 9.04 platform with python 2.6.2, wxpython, matplotlib, numpy 1.2.1). The package scipy is also recommended. You can either download and install them separately using these links or any search engine, or follow the tips below (recommended if you are new to open source software).

If you are using linux (for instance ubuntu or debian), please use the package manager provided by the system (like synaptic under ubuntu). This will make your life considerably simpler, you just have to mark the different packages above and the system will download them and do the installation for you.

If you are using windows, you can get all packages in one bundle by installing Python(x,y), choose Full installation after download.

If you are using macOSX, a corresponding bundle is provided by Enthought (also available for other platforms). You should probably try the Academic or Trial version (the others cost money).

Sensitivity in material measurements

This program demonstrates the sensitivity of a typical measurement setup, where reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves through a slab are used as measurement data, and the task is to determine permittivity and permeability.

The theory behind the program can be found in the technical report TEAT-7190 (recently submitted for publication).

Physical bounds for antennas

The physical bounds for antennas derived by Mats Gustafsson et al at the Department can be visualized using this program. In particular, the influence of various parameters can be studied by dragging the sliders.

The bounds have also been coded in a matlab script which is available here.