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William Tärneberg


Work experience

PhD Student in Telecommunication Systems - Lund, Sweden—Sept 2013 – Present
Lund University - Department of Electrical and Information Technology
My research if focusing on cloud computing. In particular placement of application components in distributed cloud infrastructure.

StaffAccessEngineer - Lund, Sweden—Mar 2012 – Present
Sony Mobile – Global Industrialisation
In this position I develop production test and calibration solutions for local connectivity radio components, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, and Felica. The solutions are built around both hardware and software and are deployed in production worldwide. There is a significant project management aspect to the job as I am responsible for driving technical improvement projects and coordinating production implementation in close cooperation with our production sites. As a consequence, I spent a large portion of my time at Sony Mobile's production facility in Beijing, China.

Staff Systems EngineerLund, Sweden—Dec 2011 – Feb 2012
Sony Ericsson – Technology
Sony Ericsson’s research and innovation department employed me to look into and develop new ways to measure phone HW/SW platform system performance on the merits of our own performance values and expectations. The system was build on the Android platform and relies on common practice linux methods to read memory, CPU load, allocations, communication throughput, etc. The overlying system compiles and analyses the data in the context of several parallel parameters. Most research projects in Lund were unfortunately terminated when Sony assumed full control of the company.

Staff Industrialisation Engineer - Lund, Sweden—Sep 2010 – Nov 2011
Sony Ericsson - Global Industrialisation
My main responsibilities ranged form developing production verification systems for optical components such as cameras, displays, optical sensors, etc. The solutions are based on both software and hardware, and are integrated as a component into a larger production line. There are very few limitations as to how to design the test or how they can be carried out, as long as they provided you with the relevant result, and adhered to time, space and electrical constraints, dictated by the production environment. These conditions proved to be a very stimulating setting for creative outlet and an opportunity to quickly realise once own technical ideas.

Engineer - Lund, Sweden— May 2007 – Jul 2009
Sony Ericsson - Technology
Throughout the latter part of my university studies I worked between 10-30 hours per week at Sony Ericsson, at various positions. I started with software verification 2007, moved onto low level hardware profiling in 2008 and subsequently to radio acceptance test in 2009.


PhD in Telecommunication Systems - Lund, Sweden—Aug 2013 - Present
Lund University
Telecommunications and computer science.

Master in Electrical Engineering - Lund, Sweden—Aug 2004 - May 2010
Lund University
Telecommunications and computer science.

Master in Electrical Engineering (Coursework) - Singapore—Aug 2009 - Jan 2010
Nanyang Technological University
Wireless communication.

High School - Tokyo, Japan—Aug 2000 - Jun 2003
St. Mary's International School
International Baccalaureate.