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2013-01-01 -> 2015-06-30

Sammanfattning: The project focuses on analysis and development of trusted execution environments (TEEs), and trusted processing of cryptographic algorithms in this environment. A TEE is an execution environment separated from the rest of the system in order to provide enhanced security for applications and services. The exchange aims to combine the academic research with industry research, taking into account practical limitations in the systems, limitations which are sometimes overlooked in academia. This will lead to research closer to, and at an early stage adapted to, industry needs, allowing faster realization of the results. This is particularly important in fast moving industries, such as telecommunication, where even small delays can have huge impact on revenue. The work will consist of analysis and implementation of TEEs, adapted for the environments in which they are deployed, and also information leakage through side-channels in the TEE. A wide range of technologies are possible, each with different properties in terms of resource, hardware, and developing costs. The choice must be well suited for the usage scenario and the implementation must take all practical and theoretical aspects into consideration. The industry can here take advantage of the theoretical research from academia, giving a foundation for the deployment. The expected results include faster deployment of security critical systems, maintaining the existing trust users have in the mobile telephony infrastructure.
Projektledare: Martin Hell
Föreståndare: Martin Hell
Finansiär: Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning (SSF)

Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning