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Nya Algoritmer och Analys för att Säkra Inbyggda System

2010-10-01 -> 2013-12-31

Sammanfattning: Modern society is getting more dependent on the availability of information and communication systems. This is valid for daily life business operation and private life but also for governmental, health, and emergency services and operation. Techniques that augment the security and trust in these systems fight a battle against never ending new approaches to security breakdowns. While this process is already ongoing we see today a rapid influx of small connected devices and devices that only operate on their own on behalf of information systems. Many support here the view of the existence of 50billion connected devices, of which many are so-called machine to machine devices. Technically, these devices are embedded systems that can do processing and have means to communicate. Although the capabilities and task of such devices will greatly vary, the fact that we depend on them will make it important that such devices can be trusted. As devices may actually operate in hostile environments, e.g. mobile devices in the hand of owners that do not like the media copy protection that those devices implement, or tactical communication radio sets, the trust must be kept upright when certain attack on the systems may occur.
In this project we will analyze the implementation of algorithms to support security of embedded systems. This includes analysis of how to attack an embedded system through side-channel information, obtained by measuring on a protected part of a device. It also includes analysis of the implementation of existing algorithms that support encryption and authentication for very high speed applications. They should also support a good implementation secure against side-channel attacks.
Projektledare: Thomas Johansson
Deltagare: Ben Smeets
Christopher Jämthagen
Martin Hell
Paul Stankovski Wagner
Thomas Johansson
Finansiär: Verket för innovationssystem (VINNOVA)

Verket för innovationssystem
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