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Software radio for SISO, MIMO and wireless eavesdropping

2008-06-01 -> 2009-12-31

Sammanfattning: The project aims to investigate practical aspects of wireless communications. MIMO algorithms and architectures will be studied as well as security related issues in widespread communication standards.

A universal software radio peripheral (USRP) together with daughterboards and GNU radio software will be used in the project. In the MIMO part of the project we wish to set up a 4x4 MIMO system to test, verify and demonstrate new and existing algorithms. In the security part the goal is to intercept and study GSM traffic in order to gain knowledge of the system and see if any sensitive data can be extracted. The possibility to break the GSM encryption using known theoretical methods will also be studied.
Projektledare: Martin Hell
Finansiär: Portalen (Portalen)

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