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090126: For looking at the re-exam, come to my office, E:2323.

081104: The re-exam is on Friday January 9th, 8AM-1PM, in room E:2311.

081103: The results are now available on a list next to the lab report mail boxes (under the sign "Tentamen resultat"). You can come and see your marked exam on Thursday, november 6th, 12.30-1PM in room E:2347A.

081029: Laboratory reports not finally approved need to be completed soon! Go to Mats Ärlelids office (E:2313) and check your reports. The final deadline for lab reports is Thursday, November 13. Please note that this date is all or nothing; if your final report is not approved you will fail the lab. Laboratories not passed can be taken again next year.

081029: If you are planning to take course ETIN01, IC-project & Verification, analog, that is starting this week, you need to have passed this course.

081013: The extra seminar on Wednesday October 15th, 3-5pm, will be in room E:3316.

081002: Exercises chapter 7:

1. Ignore the zero-time constant part in problems 7.17, 7.28, 7.33.

2. Skip 7.37, 7.40, 7.46b.

3. Problems 7.42 and 7.43 are not obligatory but may give you valuable insight.

4. Solve problem 7.48 instead of 7.49.

081002: The friday afternoon exercises (3-5PM) are cancelled due to lack of interest. 

081002: Old exams and solutions have been put on-line (see "Old exams" in the navigation to the left). More solutions for exercise 2 can now be found in "Course Material".

080925: Extra time to finish lab 1: friday 26/9, 10-12AM, and monday 29/9, 5-9PM. Deadline for the lab report is one week after completing the lab. The reports are to be put in the mailbox labelled "Analogue IC Design/ETI063" opposite the EIT Course Service desk/Student Help desk, room E:3152g.

080829: Updated the schedule, course material, course description. 

080829: Erratum laboratory manual: p. 8, Part 1, note 2 should read "Start Cadence (inittde ana2008)."

080612: The course description, a preliminary schedule, and some course material is put on-line. See the navigation to the left. 

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