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The Department of Electrical and Information Technology has a long tradition in hosting various types of research centers and research programs. Some of them are listed below. (Click on the titles to access their web sites.)

Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems

LCCC is a Linneaus environment at Lund University funded by the Swedish Research Council since 2008. The ten principal investigators are from the Department of Automatic Control and the Department of Electrical and Information Technology. Our vision is to make fundamental contributions to a general theory and methodology for design and operation of complex systems. This includes scalable methods and tools for modeling, analysis and control synthesis, as well as reliable implementations using networked embedded systems.



MAPCI - Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute at Lund University

MAPCI, the Mobile and Pervasive Research Institute at Lund University, is a cooperative research Institute founded by Lund University, Region Skåne and Sony Mobile Communications. Drawing from the expertise among the collaborating parties, the institute conducts research in mobile communication systems, especially mobile cloud computing and Internet of Things. The institute is located on the Sony/Ericsson campus at the water tower in Lund.



Neuronano Research Center

The NRC is an interdisciplinary research and innovation center combining neuroscience in vivo and in vitro, nano- and microtechnology, and organic chemistry in the development of a new generation of neural interfaces for communication with the nervous system in basic research and clinical applications.



VINNOVA Industrial Excellence Center - System Design on Silicon

The vision of the center is to be a world class research facility for the development of system solutions on silicon for wireless communication devices that ensure the competitiveness of the participating companies and Swedish industry. By combining a number of strong research groups, focusing both on implementation and more theoretical perspectives, with world-leading industrial companies, the center will develop interdisciplinary solutions that significantly enhance state-of-the-art in the area.



Socware Research & Education

The Socware Research and Education program was started in 2000 as a cooperation between Lund University, Linköping University, The Royal institute of Technology, and Acreo AB, with funding from the KK-foundation and the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. The program was a part of the larger Socware venture launched by th Invest In Sweden Agency. The general goal for the program was to strengthen the research and education activities in microelectronics system design in Sweden. The program was ended in 2005 with, among other things, three resulting System-on-Chip programs now run by the three participating universities.



VINNOVA Competence Center for Circuit Design

This VINNOVA Competence Center was started in 1998 and formally closed down in 2007. Its main activities were transferred to the new VINNOVA Industrial Excellence Center (above). The focus of this center was set on mobile communication and had a strategic goal of system-on-chip. All aspects in circuit design from monolithic radio front-end through analog mixed-signal ASIC to digital and DSP-ASIC were well represented in the center.



SSF Strategic Research Program for Personal Computing and Communication

This SSF Strategic Research Program on Personal Computing and Communication started in 1998 as a cooperation between Lund University , Chalmers University of Technology, Linköping University, The Royal Institute of Technology, and Uppsala University. The broad activities within this program (see website) have been decreased gradually since 2003 and will stop its actvities in 2008.



SSF Competence Center for High Speed Wireless Communication

This SSF competence center is hosted by the department, with additional participation from the Department of Physics, Lund University, and the Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology. As the name indicates, the research area of the center is high speed wireless communication.