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On this Cloud @ EIT site you will be able to follow cloud research initiatives taken by EIT together with industry- and academy-partners.

"Cloud" is an often used word in order to generally describe digital operations taking place somewhere outside a terminal but still relevant to the device and to the user of it. The cloud can take different shapes in acting on behalf of the terminal but generally we can cathegorize them as storage-, process- and distribution handling of digital information. Concerns in addressing cloud-services may be agility, cost, entry-barriers, infrastructure, resource-sharing, storing, processing, communication, web-access, load balancing, multi-usage, redundancy, scalability, elasticity, peakloads, centralized data, security, teraflops, terabyte etc… This long list can be made even longer and it's not hard to see that "Cloud" is an ubiquitous word meaning many things.

At EIT and its surroundings, cloud-takes are e.g. control theory approaches, flexible industrial infrastructure, scaling, allocation, operational costs, carbon footprint, mobile cloud computing, mobile ecosystem, property services, scaling software, radio resources sharing, open source-entry/lock-systems, patient analysis and more.