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Academic Integrity

Academic work rests on trust, which makes academic integrity a very important concept. This is about an attitude, where the individual often uses the work of others as a basis for his/her own work, but is also very careful to distinguish his/her contributions from those of others. This requires, among other things, that the individual uses references thoroughly and consistently.

More in-depth information can be found at:

At the AWELU site you can also find a lot of information and guidelines on academic writing in English. Note that almost all master theses at EIT are written in English.

If a student copies the text of others without giving proper references, it can be regarded as cheating. When a suspicion of cheating arises, the teacher is obliged by the Higher Education Ordinance to file a report with the Disciplinary Board, even if the level of suspicion is low. More information is given at the Disciplinary Board site below.