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EITN01 Webb-intelligens och informationssökning




Examination through approved labs and assignments followed by a successful written examination.

Written examination: Friday March 15, 2012. 14:00 - 19:00 in  E:3315
                               Re-examination  ??


The exam will consist of 5 assignments each worth 10 points. Grading: 20 p ≤ grade 3 < 30 p ≤ grade 4 < 40 p ≤ grade 5

 You may use a pocket calculator, course book, other books, paper notes, print outs, etc but not a computer. (Check with the library if you don't have a paper copy of the book.)

Assignments will be of two types:

  • 2-3 descriptive of the general nature: Describe this {technique, algorithm, method} clearly stating what ist used for, advantages, disadvatages, implementation problems, etc ...
  • 2-3 numeric like: Calculate this {value, weight, number} using the following data. State which algorithm you are using and why you have selected this particular variant.
  • Possibly 1 "pair things together" or multiple choice question

Reading instructions - see the lectures.



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