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EITN01 Webb-intelligens och informationssökning



  • 2013-01-15 Welcome to EITN01 Web Intelligence and Information Retrieval

    For more information, slides, messages, labs, course litterature, etc see
    the course Web-site

    First lecture  Tuesday Jan 22, 10:15 - 12:00 in E:2311

    This is a very programming intensive course with 5 labs where you
    implement a lot of IR algorithms. Feel free to use any programming
    language you like (though I'm best at PHP, Perl, and Python).

    If you decide to use PHP (or Python) there is a skelleton library available
    for you aswell as an extra optional lab for those of you who want to
    learn PHP. It's highly recommended for those of you who haven't used
    PHP earlier. This optional lab will be on Thursday Jan 24 8-12 in E:4119
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