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EITN01 Webb-intelligens och informationssökning, 2012/2013

Laborations: 5 x 4 hours; first mandatory lab Thursday Jan 31, 8:15 - 12:00 in E:4119

Optional, non-mandatory lab on PHP-programming Thursday Jan 24, 8 - 12 in E:4119

Laboratory exercises (PDF)


  • Thursday Jan 24:   0. Optional lab: PHP programming
  • Thursday Jan 31: 1. Information retrieval basics: similarity, tf-idf, recall/precision
  • Thursday Feb 7:   2. Link-based ranking, Query languages
  • Thursday Feb 14: 3. Text pre-processing for indexing
  • Thursday Feb 21: 4. Concepts using LSI; Document classification using SVM
  • Thursday Feb 28: 5. Browsing vs searching, Search Engines vs meta-search
  • Thursday Mar 7:    Spare.

Hints, tips and usefull links

If you want to download and run the software needed (PHP, SVD, SVM) for the laboratory exercises on your own machine just talk to me. It is all free software available on the net.The code examples and testdata provided in the S:\ catalogues on the windows machines in the lab-room is available here:Zipped archive, orTar archive.

The Python skelleton is available here:  Zipped archive, orTar archive.

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