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ETIN25 Analog IC-konstruktion, 2011/2012


120204: The exams from January are corrected and the results are posted ont the third floor. The exams will be shown on Friday 10th of February at 12.30-13.00 in Markus office.

111219: The re-exam for ETIN25 is on Friday 13th of January at 08.00-13.00 in E:3308. Do not forget to sign up under Retake exam at www.eit.lth.se .

111024: The exams will be shown on Thursday 27 October in E:2311 at 12.00-12.30. The October exam and solutions will be posted on the Old Exams page on Thursday.

111021: The results from the exam are posted on the third floor and should also be available in Ladok.

110929: Short answers to Exercise 5 added on the Course Material page.

110922: The Laboratory manual for Lab 3 is now available on the Course Material page. A report for each lab is to be submitted, within 1 week from the labsession, by email to Jonas.Lindstrand.lu@analys.urkund.se

110921: A corrected Lab 2 is available on the Course Material page.

110920: The Laboratory manual for Lab 2 is now available on the Course Material page. Lecture content on the Schedule page updated for L8 and L9.  

110912: The Laboratory manual for Lab 1 is now available on the Course Material page.

110906: Sign up page for the labs is activated! The time you choose for lab 1 will be the same for lab 2 & 3 (e.g. if you choose tuesday 13-17 for lab 1, you will also do lab 2 & 3 during this time the following weeks). 

110828: Schedule & Course material pages updated.

110819: Schedule page updated.

110722: Welcome to the Analogue IC-design course in 2011! The course starts on Monday, August 29th, 13pm-15pm, in room E:C. The course schedule will be updated before the course starts.