Elektro- och informationsteknik

Lunds Tekniska Högskola | Lunds universitet

ETIF01 Signalbehandling - design och implementering



Mondays 10.15-12 and Fridays 08.15-10, room E:2349.

Lecturer: Leif Sörnmo



12/3: Introduction (lecture notes)

16/3: Design of FIR filters (ch. 10.1–10.2)

19/3: Design of IIR filters (10.3)

23/3: Efficient algorithms, FFT (ch. 8)

26/3: LabVIEW programming environment (lecture notes)

30/3: Implementation of discrete-time systems (ch. 9)

17/4 (=TUESDAY): Multirate signal processing (ch. 11.1–11.9).

20/4: Digital signal processor (DSP) implementation - Viktor Öwall, guest lecturer (lecture notes) 

23/4: Filter banks (ch. 11.10–11.12)

27/4: Introduction to wavelets (lecture notes) + Wavelet chapter

4/5 Wavelet denoising (lecture notes)

7/5: Applications, repetition (lecture notes)

Lecture notes will be available for download (password-protected). Contact the course responsible for user id and password.