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ETIN01 IC-projekt & verifiering



In this course you will have the opportunity to design your own chip in 130nm CMOS technology!

The chips are sent for fabrication so that you can measure them (verification).

In this course you will work in a group together with two more students, and together you will then be able to design a larger system. Examples of chips designed the last years:

* Fully integrated FM transmitter, featuring delta-sigma modulator and PLL (cooperation between 2 groups), published at Norchip 2011

* Image sensor

* Class-D audio amplifiers, several different designs, 2 papers at Norchip

* FM-radio front-end

* DC/DC converter

Currently ongoing projects (started October 2011):

* Wireless meat thermometer

* Continuous time delta-sigma ADC for 3G mobile phones

chip photo

Chip photo of 130nm CMOS image sensor and FM transmitter