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ETI290 Avancerad analog design, 2010/2011


The marked exam from June 7 is displayed monday August 15 10.15 - 11.30 in room E2347a

Exam is moved to June 7 14-19 in room E2311



Welcome to the course Advanced Analogue Design. The course starts Tuesday March 15 13.15 in room E:3139. The first lecture includes a mandatory sign-in for the course.

At first lecture it was decided to move the Wednesday lecture to Thursday 8-10, room E:2311

Lectures Tuesdays 13-15 are in E:3139 and lectures Thursday 8-10 are in E:2311.

Tutorials Tuesdays 15-17 and Thursdays 15-17 are in E:3308

Short rehersal part 1 of previous course is here

At the lecture today it was decided to move the lecture Tuesday April 5 to Friday April 1 15-17 in room E:2311. This is because I will be away on Tuesday and also you get material aimed at the lab for Monday.

  Example shown at lecture 12

Deadline for hand-in 4 is extended to friday May 20

Last lecture is Wednesday 18 8-10 in room E231, given again Friday May 20 15.15-16 in E2311