Elektro- och informationsteknik

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ETTN01 Digital kommunikation, fortsättningskurs



Lab Info.

There are three slots assigned for the lab, however, we believe that all of you can fit in during one slot. Hence, we propose that there will only be one session for the lab, Tuesday 17/12, 8.15-10.00.

If someome cannot attend this day, please let us know.



This course contains one laboratory lesson (4h).

The pupose of this lab is to give an increased understanding of what the receiver should do to efficiently detect the information bits when the communication link is a multi-path channel.



You sign up for the lab from this home page, see Sign up.

Home Problems 1-3 in the laboratory manual should be solved at home before the lab starts. This will be checked in the beginning of the lab. You should not do home problem 4.

You must bring a printed copy of the lab-manual to the lab.

You must bring your LTH:s student ID badge to the lab.


Students log on into the STUDENT domain on the LAB computers in E:4116, and use their own LU student account.