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ETSF10 Internetprotokoll



Extra examination to raise grade to 5

These are the instructions to follow to carry out the extra task to raise your grade from 4 to 5.


Re-exam spring 2020

The re-exam in the course consists of the three quizzes. These are carried out in the same way as before, on To do the re-exam you need to do all the three quizzes. The result is assesed as before. 60% of the total score gives the grade 3, and 80% gives the grade 4.

The quizzes will be opened during the re-exam period in april. As before the time limit per quiz is four hours. For each quiz you have two attempts, but there has to be 20 hours in between each attempt

The quizzes are password protected. To get the password send a mail to Björn ( This also counts as signing up for the re-exam.


The online discussions will be opened up during the first half of January for those students who have not completed the discussions during the course. Send an email to Björn ( in order to sign up.