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ETSF10 Internetprotokoll



In this course there will be two mandatory projects:

  • Datacenter/SDN networks Mandatory
  • TCP Mandatory

For the time frame of the projects, check the time schedule or the course's moodle instance.

Each project concludes in a written report. When this report is accepted the individual project is accepted.

Data center/SDN networks project

The first project is about network virtualisation and emulation. The project is introduced in the first lecture and then carried out in the networking laboratory on level 2. 

The project has two parts for which a common report should be submitted via moodle

SDN part I

SDN part II

Deadline: Dec 1. 

TCP Project

This lab provides you hands-on experience with the TCP protocol. You'll be analyzing a pre-stored TCP session with the help of wireshark ( ). An introduction will be given during the lecture Monday November 25.

Lab Material:

December 15th.



Kaan Bur.