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EITN70 Kanalkodning för tillförlitlig kommunikation



Each week there is one exercise lesson:

Fridays, 13.15 - 15.00 in E:3139   


The first half of each lesson is of seminar style, where the instructor solves example problems. The second half you are solving some problems yourself.

Solutions will be posted after the sessions.


Week 1 (Nov 8):   Problems  Solutions

 (files for the computer exercises: GeneratorMatrix.mat HammingCode.mat SimulationExample.m)  


Week 2 (Nov 15):  Problems  Solutions


Week 3 (Nov 22):  Problems  Solutions


Week 4 (Nov 29):  Problems  Solutions


Week 5 (Dec 6):     Problems  Solutions


Week 6 (Dec 13):   Problems  Solutions


Week 7 (Dec 20):   Problems  Solutions