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EITN50 Avancerad datasäkerhet, 2019/2020

Welcome to the 2019 course in Advanced Computer Security.

2019-11-15: Updated results are available

2019-11-07: Preliminary results

2019-10-23: The (page) size description in ProjectE is targetting Part A. For part B you need a few pages more.

2019-10-11: I left on Tuesday for Turkey and came back late yesterday evening. Unfortunately I had no time this week to look more to projects than I managed on Monday evening. I will continue looking the reports this evening.

2019-10-03: The Chandler reference   [10] Challener, David. An introduction to programming the tpm cannot be find by the original link. You can get a copy via here

2019-10-01: See results of project B. If you have submitted your report & code you should see the confirmed reception of your submission after at most three days. If not contact Ben.

2019-09-13: Important: There is an issue when running Autopsy in Kali. The contents of the files are not shown. As a quick fix, run the following command: "ln -s /usr/bin/icat /usr/bin/icat-sleuthkit" and you should be able to view the content of a file. To be able to view the timeline, run the following command: "ln -s /usr/bin/mactime /usr/bin/mactime-sleuthkit".

2019-09-11: Note that the location for lectures have changed and are now in E2517 and E2311. Both in the E-building 2nd-floor in the eastern lowpart of the building.

2019-09-10: Grouping list available, please check and let me (Ben) know if something is not ok.

2019-09-05: Tomorrow DDG will install the needed softwate on the lab computers.

2019-09-04:The computers on the 4th floor have been refreshed and still lack the VirtualBox virtualization software needed to run later parts of project A. We are busy to get DDG to fix this, In the meantime you can work with the first parts.

NOTE 1: The course starts with the first lecture on September 4! Bookings in timeedit shown as "projekt" are just for securing that the labspace is available for the students. These times are booked so you can have access to the computers in the depeártments labspace.

NOTE 2: When you have registered for the cource access to the labspace should automatically be activated. Normally it takes some days after registration to get access so it is important that you register as soon as possible.