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EITN10 Multipelantennsystem



Exam: TBD


A 5-hour written examination will be held at the end of the course. Passing the exam is one of two requirements in the course, with the other being the successful completion of 4 Matlab-based projects (Projects 1-4). The completion of the bonus projects is optional. However, successful completion of the bonus projects will add up to  6% to the raw final exam score (2% for bonus project 1 and 4% for bonus project 2).

The exam is aimed at testing the understanding of course material. You cannot count on the exam being similar to previous exams. 

Keep in mind that the cutoff scores may be scaled according to the overall performance of the students. Default setting is



Exam Oct 15

Exam Jan 16

Exam Aug 16

Exam Oct 16

Exam Oct 17

Exam Jan 18

Exam April 18

Exam Oct 19 Solution