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Lunds Tekniska Högskola | Lunds universitet

EITF50 Introduktion till trådlösa system



About the Exam

Anonymised assessment and exam registration.

 Procedure in brief:

  • Register for the exam (also the first exam opportunity)
  • Receive your anonymised assessment code from the invigilator
  • Write your anonymised assessment code + a personal identifier on each submitted sheet of the exam
  • The exam will be marked anonymously

Please note:

  • Bring your ID card
  • Allowed accessories: Calculator
  • The cover must be completed with ink pen
  • Your answers may be written with pencil and in English or Swedish
  • Writing paper will be supplied
  • Mobile phones are not allowed at the desk or in your pocket
  • Coats and bags should be placed at the coat pegs or at the rear wall

Before you hand in your papers:

  • Always start a new problem on a new sheet of paper.
  • You may use a coloured pencil, but never use red colour
  • All assumptions should be stated
  • Clearly mark your final answers
  • Hand in all the papers sorted by problem number
  • Mark all papers with your anonymised assessment code + personal identifier and page number