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EITF50 Introduktion till trådlösa system, 2019/2020

About the Exam

Due to the coronavirus situation the exam procedure has changed

The exam in EITF50 An Introduction to Wireless Systems will be carried out online. The exam is scheduled on April 15, 8:00-13:00. During that time you can get the exam as a pdf from Canvas.

The exam will be six problems to solve of the same kind as the traditional exams.

You are to solve the exam individually, without help from others, and hand in your solutions as scanned copies of you solutions. You will be given an extra half hour after the exam deadline at 13:00, until 13:30, for scanning and uploading. After that the exam will close and you will not be able to upload anymore. It is strongly advised to test the scanning before the exam to avoid technical problems.

For scanning, you can either use a printer if you have one available, or there are mobile phone apps that does the job quite good, for example tinyScanner that is available for both Android and iOS. There are several other apps as well. We strongly urge you to use a scanner and not just photos, since it is often hard to read text on photos.

Anonymised assessment and exam registration.

 Procedure in brief:

  • Register for the exam (also the first exam opportunity)
  • Receive your anonymised assessment code from the invigilator
  • Write your anonymised assessment code + a personal identifier on each submitted sheet of the exam
  • The exam will be marked anonymously

Please note:

  • Bring your ID card
  • Allowed accessories: Calculator
  • The cover must be completed with ink pen
  • Your answers may be written with pencil and in English or Swedish
  • Writing paper will be supplied
  • Mobile phones are not allowed at the desk or in your pocket
  • Coats and bags should be placed at the coat pegs or at the rear wall

Before you hand in your papers:

  • Always start a new problem on a new sheet of paper.
  • You may use a coloured pencil, but never use red colour
  • All assumptions should be stated
  • Clearly mark your final answers
  • Hand in all the papers sorted by problem number
  • Mark all papers with your anonymised assessment code + personal identifier and page number


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