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Participation in the Homework Seminars are compulsory in order for the student to pass the course!


The Homework Exercises will be uploaded on this page one week prior to the deadline for submitting them to the course responsible. Each student should INDEPENDENTLY prepare a written solution to each question in the Homework Exercise.

You will have to hand-in two Homework Exercises during the course.

At the Homework Seminar each student will present a solution to one or more of the questions in one of the two Homework Exercises that have been handed-in on the white board. Everybody will then participate in discussing the presented solution and variations thereof.

Students that fails to hand-in in time or fail the Homework Seminar will have to: does not bring solutions to all exercises will have to hand-in additional exercises at a given date.

Passing the two Homework Exercises and the Homework Seminar will result in grade 3 in the course.  


Homework Exercises

Homework Exercises 1

Homework Exercises 2

Homework Seminar

The seminar groups (G1, G2 and G3) was communicated at the lecture on the 12th of Feb.

If you dont know which group you belong to please contatct Johan W.

Presentation dates for the homework seminars are:

Seminar 1: Group 1 and Group 2 - Feb 20 between 10-12 group 1 and 2     

                 Group 3 - Feb 21 between 13-15 


Seminar 2: Group 1 and 2 - Mar 6 between 10-12

                 Group 3 - Mar 7 between 13-15 




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