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ETIA10 Patent och annan immaterialrätt, 2018/2019



 Patent and Intellectual Property Rights, ETIA10/TFRC66 (7,5hp)

The economies in Europe, North America and certain states in East Asia are under transformation from producing industrial economies to knowledge economies based on Bio-science, Information technology, adventure tourism and design, where knowledge has replaced goods as products in a globalized economy. The legal system protecting knowledge based goods is known as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Knowledge in the scope of the Rights and their applications is a requirement for the originator and the company in order to profit from a specific knowledge.

In this course the students will learn about the different Intellectual Property Rights, their sources of legal and conventional material and on how these laws are grounded and applied. Issues of Intellectual Property such as Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, and Design will be brought up on the course, as well as rules and regulations of marketing and competition. Other issues regarding the commercialization of an invention will be discussed in the course, such as questions regarding license agreements.

The course plan for 2019 can be found here: Course plan 2019