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Elektroniska frågor

EITA25 Datasäkerhet, 2018/2019

In order to pass the course you must be approved on the electronic quizzes. There will be 3 quizzes with 10 questions each. Each quiz will be released after the corresponding theory has been covered by lectures.

To do the quizzes, you go to http://elearning.eit.lth.se/ and sign up for the course.

The plan for releasing quizzes are 

Quiz 1: 28/1

Quiz 2: 8/2

Quiz 3: 25/2

For each quiz you will have 14 days to finish it and you will be allowed one attempt per 16 hours. 8.00 out of 10.00 points are needed to pass the quiz. You need to pass all quizzes to pass the course.

Office hours for quizzes: If you have problems passing the quiz there will be dedicated office hours for help and hints. I plan to have one of these a little bit more than half-way through each quiz period. It will be in Martin's office. I will assume that you have tried the quiz several times and that you can discuss your view of the questions. 

  • Quiz 1 Q&A: 6/2, 11.00-12.00
  • Quiz 2 Q&A: 20/2, 11.00-12.00
  • Quiz 3 Q&A: 6/3, 11.00-12.00


  • Start in time. Do not wait until the last few days.
  • Read the questions and answers carefully. The same question can have variations between different attemps. 
  • If you feel that some answer is incorrectly marked, please notify Martin. Regrading might be necessary if there are errors. I will try to make sure that no one is regraded from pass to fail though. Contact me if this accidentally happens.
  • You are free to use the course material when answering the quiz.


Note: The quizzes are part of the examination so if you do not pass, you will get a new chance in the re-exam weeks for the course. All quizzes will open the first day of the re-exam week and close on the last day of re-exams. The exact same rules will apply and you only need to do the quizzes that you have not previously passed. You can of course also take the exam if you want in order to get a higher grade. You may only do the exam if you have passed all quizzes, but... In the re-exam week, you may attempt to finish the quizzes that you have not finished before and also do the written exam. Since the written exam is on random dates every year, we will let you do the exam even if you have not completed the quizzes but it will not be marked unless you finish the quizzes during the same re-exam period. Thus, missing quizzes means 0 points on written exam. Do not do the exam if you are not comfortable with this.

Transition rules: For those that took the course 2015 or earlier, you may also do the quizzes in order to get grade 3. You can, if you want, skip the quizzes completely and just do the exam for grade 3-5. If you take the course 2016 or later, you must complete the quizzes.