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ETIN15 Radiosystem



General requirements

To pass the course you have to:

  • pass the written examination at the end of the course
  • give an oral presentation of a journal paper (seminar activity)
  • participate when the other students give their oral presentations.

Written exam

The written exam contains two parts.

  • Part A is closed-book test consisting of a number of short questions of related to the concepts presented during the course. The answers to Part A are handed in, before you proceed with Part B.
  • Part B consists of open-book problem solving related to system design. Consulting the textbook and handouts of lecture slides are allowed during this part.

Old exams



Exam dates

  Date: Time: Location: Comment:
First examination: Thu, June 1 08.00-13.00 Vic:3D  

Journal paper presentation

The details about the compulsory presentation of a journal paper can be found under the Student Presentations of the course (menu on the left).