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MIMO Antennas and Channels

2006-01-01 -> 2010-12-31

Abstract: MIMO antennas and antenna diversity are foreseen for future wireless systems to enhance performance. Often the gains and improvements are theoretical and not achievable in practice. The terminal has a limited size and it is used in various indoor and outdoor environments as well as under the influence of body effects (hand position and head position). The implications of the latter to the system performance are not well understood. The project explores how to optimize system performance, from data throughput, coverage and transmitted power point of view in different environments. The methods include both theoretical evaluations (system modeling, wave propagation modeling, antenna coupling, correlation, and changing body effects) and practical measurements (MIMO measurements on a MIMO antenna terminal as well as an ideal measurement antenna in different environments). The results will give an understanding of the system performance for different MIMO constellations and how the MIMO antennas are placed in a hand held terminal for optimum system performance.
Project leader(s): Mats Gustafsson
Participants: Anders Bernland
Andreas Molisch
Andres Alayon Glazunov
Fredrik Tufvesson
Gerhard Kristensson
Funding: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)
External project page: http://www.hswc.lth.se/

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research
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