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EITF75 Systems and Signals, 2019/2020


Information about the course's 2 assignments

The course contains two compulsory assignments each giving a maximum of 0.5 points, i.e., a maximum of a total of 1.0 points that will be added to the exam marks. 

2019 Assignement 1    Deadline October 7, 08.00

Observe that regarding to problem 2(b), there is a typo, we mean that the existence of DTFT is stronger condition than the existence of z-transform. Please justify if the statement is true or not. 

2019 Assignement 2 




Example assignements (2018) 

Assignement 1

In problem 2.d, it is assumed that the input signal x(n) is the same as in problem 2.c

assignment 2 




The exam will give a maximum of 5 points which, together with the maximum payout on the assignments, gives 6 points. The limit for approved passes at 3.0 points, and other limits are given off;

0-2.9 - Fail

3.0-3.9 - Approved with rating 3

4.0-4.9 - Approved with grade 4

5.0-6.0 - Approved with rating 5