Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


EITA25 Computer Security, 2018/2019

Next written exam is Monday, March 22, 14.00 - 19.00 in MA:8.

All results should have been reported to Ladok. Let me know if something is missing, in particular if you have previously passed some course parts of EIT060 and have now passed other parts in EITA25.

In order to pass the course you will have to pass all 3 online quizzes. This will give you grade 3 (assuming that you also pass laboratories and projects).

For higher grade you can do the written exam, but you must have passed the quizzes when you do the exam!

The exam will consist of questions from all parts of the course, i.e., also laboratories, exercises and projects.

  • Maximum score is 50.
  • 0-19 will give grade U (but if you have completed the quizzes you will still get 3 on the course)
  • 20-29 points will give grade 3 (the same as just completing the quizzes)
  • 30-39 points give grade 4.
  • 40-50 points give grade 5.
  • Only pencil and eraser are allowed. You are however allowed to bring an English-Swedish dictionary as long as it is clean from notes.

The problems on the exam will be similar in style as the ones given on the exams below.

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