Electrical and Information Technology

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Laboratory Lessons

ETT051 Digital Communications, 2016/2017

This course contains one laboratory lesson (4h).

The aim of this lab is to clarify properties and performance of digital communication methods.  


  • You apply to the lab  from this home page, see Sign up.
  • All Home Problems in the laboratory manual (the manual is found below) should be solved at home before the lab starts. This will be checked in the beginning of the lab.
  • You must bring a printed copy of the lab-manual to the lab.
  • You must bring your LTH:s student ID badge to the lab.
  • Students log on into the STUDENT domain on the LAB computers in E:4115, and use their own LU student account.
  • In case of any problems: contact Göran Lindell. 

The lab manual is found here: Labmanual LAB1 

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