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 Babak will continue to lower the power

Attacking power dissipation

-I’ve been mostly focused on the transistor- and gate level but also touched on the module- and architecture level during my research, says Babak. More functionality, higher performance and millions of transistors also means higher power dissipation in modern integrated circuits.  

EITs fresh doctor, Babak Mohammadi, kept a strict focus during his PhD-studies on attacking this problem from transistor to architectural levels. His work helps to counteract the accelerating global power demand we see as a result of the increased IoT and digitalization rollouts all over the world.

Larger circuits and lower supply voltages

When the circuit technology reached 800nm a new trend in integrated circuit design started, namely careful design around power saving and development of methods around that.

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Text: Anders Borgström, Photo: Yunus Ökmen


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