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 Zach attacks mobile M-MIMO with TCM

In control

-It was wonderful! One of the best experiences that I had. Zachary Miers did his PhD graduation November 29 and he's not hesitating when asked about how it all felt.

Well prepared with published papers and an almost error-free thesis in place he had control over the situation.

Zachary, or Zach as he is called, smiles when admitting there was a diagram label that needed correction. 

Good opponent

-The opponents questions were good, not easy but I felt I had answers to everything so there were no embarrassing long silent moments, says Zach.

She had obviously read the thesis thoroughly and she did an excellent job in our discussion. Zach tells us further that the opponent is highly ranked in IEEE and has worked a lot in this field. -Never met her before though, he adds.



Text and Photo: Anders Borgström


2017-01-16 Zach attacks mobile M-MIMO with TCM

Text and Photos: Anders Borgström In control -It was wonderful! One of the best experiences....

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