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Prestigious SSF funding for EITs nanoelectronics researcher.


Did it come as a surprise?

-I worked very hard on the application and really hoped for success, says Mattias.

It's a fantastic opportunity for me as a young researcher to develop in leadership and get further resources to my research. 

Money for research and spending. And a leadership program

Mattias Borg who conduct research in materials science and nano-electronics is one of twelve young, promising postdoctoral researchers who will share the 48 million kronor from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF.

Everyone gets 4 million and a personal grant of 60 000. Also included is a leadership program for the beneficiaries.

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Text + Bild: Anders Borgström



2017-04-11 Prestigious SSF funding for EITs nanoelectronics researcher.

Text + Photo: Anders Borgström Did it come as a surprise? -I worked very hard on the applic....

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