The links below will help you get a good start and knowledge of the Point to Point Protocol. Read the information carefully.
The lab is performed in pairs of two groups. The two peers have to be synchronized throughout the lab for it to run smoothly. Also note that your application simulates both the client and the server function. Your application is a server for your peer's client and vise versa.

A short description of the functions in the program, see Figure 1. You should be pretty familiar how to use the program when you've finished reading it.
>> Instruction manual for using the Lab program, Visual P3.

To get the most out of the Lab, there are some homework problems to complete first.
>> Lab Preparations to do before going to Lab.

Part one of the Lab consists of simple questions that will test your ability to make the Lab. Part two is the main assignment and will cover all states of PPP.

Take a minute to look through the slideshow below to familiarize yourself with the software Visual-PPP

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