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WCAE - Wireless communication in vehicle environment

2013-06-14 -> 2016-12-31

Abstract: The tremendous growth of wireless communication enabled devices contributes significantly to economy of scale. The two dominant wireless technologies are IEEE 802.11(Wi-Fi) and 3G/LTE, where 802.11p is a “profile” of 802.11 for enabling cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS). As in many other areas, wireless communication will revolutionize the automotive environment and we are just in the first phases of this revolution. The technology has an enormous potential to save lives, enable safer and much more environmental friendly transport at large, handle cargo more efficiently over different transport modes; the list of benefits can be made very long, where the long term goal is autonomous intelligent vehicles. Last but not least, wireless communication fulfils the requirement from end customers to always be connected to the cloud.
In this project, wireless communication is in focus and a smart integration of the technology in the vehicle for enabling a range of new services and applications. The main tasks addressed in this project are to:
• Analyze and characterize the wireless channel through channel measurement campaigns in demanding scenarios; results are used for performance evaluation of C-ITS applications
• Make performance evaluation of different wireless technologies through a concept called multipath propagation simulator
• Identify the methodology needed for tracing customer needs into system and component level
• Find suitable verification model for the automotive industry for wireless technologies
• Perform research on the reception performance of co-located antenna systems
• Study solutions to speed up market introduction of C-ITS
• Foster the second generation of integrated AUTOSAR compliant wireless communication platform
Project leader(s): Fredrik Tufvesson
Participants: Carl Gustafson
Dimitrios Vlastaras
Mikael Nilsson
Funding: Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA)

Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems
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