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Scaling MIMO up: Potential and challenges with very large arrays

2010-11-18 -> 2014-12-31

Abstract: This project defines an interdisciplinary research program in the area of wireless communications. The focus is on multiple-antenna (commonly known as MIMO) systems in the very-large-number-of-antennas regime, and cooperative communication systems in the very-large-number-of-nodes regime, respectively. Our goal is to obtain an improved understanding for such systems and to design efficient transmission and reception schemes. The main motivation of this work is very recent studies, that show that very large MIMO systems potentially can achieve striking increases in reliability and throughput, and dramatic reductions in the amount of total transmit power spent, and therefore also in energy consumption of the base station. The project is a cooperation between Prof. Erik G. Larsson (Linköping University, Communication Systems), Prof. Mikael Skoglund (Royal Institute of Technology [KTH], Communication Theory), and Dr. Fredrik Tufvesson (Lund University, Electrical and Information Technology) and brings together a unique combination of expertise on communication theory, statistical signal processing, network information theory, and radio propagation aspects. The project will leverage collaborative actions that already exist between the three institutions in the form of jointly funded grants (rambidrag) and the strategic government allocation that has resulted in the strategic research area ELLIIT.
Project leader(s): Fredrik Tufvesson
Mikael Skoglund
Director: Erik Larsson
Participants: João Gouveia Vieira
Funding: The Swedish Research Council (VR)

The Swedish Research Council